Our Products

Round Cake Tray Lid

round cake tray with lid

Sauce Cup

sauce cup

Tea Cups

tea cups



Dry Cake Tray

dry cake tray

Plate Large


Thai Burger Single Thin

thai burger single

180ml Glass

Roll Cake Tray

Thai Burger Box

Dry Cake Biscuit Tray

dry cake biscuit tray

Food Tray with Lid

Food Tray with Lid

350ml Glass

Egg Tray

egg tray

Burger Box

burger box

Food Tray 4 Unit

food tray 4 unit

Titu Lock BOPS

titu lock bops

PVC Container

pvc container

Sweet Box

sweet box


Sandwich Box

Pineapple Biscuit Tray

pineapple biscuit tray

Ringo Biscuit Tray

ringo biscuit tray

Lemon Biscuit Tray

lemon biscuit tray